Budget MultiTool for Bikers – Rolson

You ride a motorcycle; you’re going to need some tools!

Ideally compact so you can fit it under your seat. A multi-tool can add huge versatility to your tool kit, packing many capabilities into a single, handy package.

Here is one we got sent to review.

Is it the best budget multi-tools on the market for motorcyclists?


It comes packed as a cycle tool kit so we didn’t expect it to perform well.

We were reassured it is truly versatile and can cope with the demands of motorcycles.

Lets find out!

We gave the 10mm a test the handle gave way as we tired to loosen a bolt. It was a shame but it was a budget option and we returned this back to the manufacture it defiantly didn’t cope well. We are not even sure it would have much purpose for a push-bike.

One thing for sure we wouldn’t rely on this in a time of need.

Don’t worry we have some other brands in the pipeline and we endeavor to find that quality multi-tool that we can prove will stand the test the basic tasks.



Best Belts For Motorcycle Jeans

So based on our article Best motorcycle jean you know have a great quality British Motorcycle jean. Its time you got a robust belt to complement your new pair of jeans. There are countless stores out there you can pick from.


In true Motorcycle spirit we went shopping in a outdoor market in Stratford-upon-avon. there are countless specialist tradesmen selling the best option from each section of the market. we found a leather specialist selling a range of real leather products. make sure to check our post on the different types of leathers.


To go with our Hood jeans we got a deep leather leather belt in black. We would recommend supporting your local tradesmen not everything online is great. We got our Leather Belt for £15 so it was a great price too.

Markets here




Honda Quest: prepare for True Adventure with the new Africa Twin

Road Safety & Arrive Alive Blog

True Adventure. In the coming few months these two words, which aptly describe the new Honda Africa Twin, will take on a whole new meaning in the eyes of every single adventure motorcyclist when Quest-True Adventure is unveiled.

But what is Honda’s Quest-True Adventure? It is the ultimate adventure motorcycling challenge, involving 20 carefully selected riders on 20 specially prepared Honda Africa Twin adventure motorcycles, culminating in a challenging 12 day, 2800 km event in a yet to be disclosed part of Namibia.

Honda opted for Quest as a dedicated marketing platform to perfectly illustrate the ruggedness, refinement and market-leading capabilities of the Africa Twin.

People will be able to submit entry applications for Quest at their nearest Honda dealership in South Africa and Namibia, whereafter 40 semi-finalists will be chosen to attend a Boot Camp or selection phase. Honda’s strategic partner in Quest, is Specialised Adventures, a company with…

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Back from a ride? Body feels pretty stiff?

Have you ever tried to go on a ride while your body is sore and your muscles are tight? It isn’t fun.

Or what about when you come back from a ride? Your body feels pretty stiff I bet. If the rider has poor posture or simply from sitting in one position for a while, tension within muscles can occur.

Motorcyclists need to be flexible so they can put their bodies in certain positions that allow them to lean and hold certain positions. Tight muscles make it harder to move and being able to have mobility and fast reflexes is extremely important on the bike for one’s safety.

In the body, something we have something called fascia. This is a thin connective tissue that covers many of our organs such as muscles, nerves, and spinal cord but it also connects our bones together (ligaments), and muscles to bone (tendons). To put it simply, think about a woven covering that’s tightly knitted around your muscles and that’s the fascia. So when this is tight, your muscles have a hard time contracting or lengthening. So what can you do about this? Try doing self-myofascial release, also known as foam rolling. Foam rolling increases blood circulation and focuses on releasing tension in tight muscles.

Tight muscles, can lead to an injury if not properly taken care of. Foam rolling will help keep your muscles from feeling tight by releasing trigger points (muscle knots or tightness), improving blood flow, and muscle function. Think of it as a (much cheaper) deep tissue massage that you can control.

Foam rollers are very inexpensive. Starting out sitting on the floor with the roller under your hamstrings, slowly roll each of your legs using your arms to rock back and forth for about 30 seconds and repeat this for your quad muscles. You will also want to roll out your back especially after a ride. To do this, simply start with the foam roller on your upper back/shoulder blades and use your feet to rock back and forth rolling the full length of your back for 30 seconds. You can also look this up on YouTube for a how-to video!
Foam rolling is a quick and easy way to relax your muscles after a long ride!

Article By Cassandra Carillo
Instagram @LittleCarillo

It’s not just a Bike, it is Life.


Some wouldn’t understand those motorcycle enthusiast like me, for others it is just a vehicle that is intended for transportation. But for us it is not just a thing, it is a perfect representation of “life”.

Others see motorcycle as an instrument of death because in somewhat way it can kill you in just a matter of seconds. Well for a motorcycle enthusiast like me life without a motorcycle is like living a life without purpose and happiness. As I said it is a perfect representation of life. The moment you fired up your engine is the moment you started your life story, you are the pilot of your self in your own journey that we call life. You will face a lot of problems and challenges in life. But always remember, life is not always a straight and smooth journey. As my fellow riders say, ” when the moment…

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Fuel-Injection Two-stroke Bikes Unveiled By KTM, Becomes First To Do So!

Rev and Ride

Gone are those days when it was needed to add oil with petrol into the fuel tank of 2-stroke off-road bikes. All thanks to KTM who have invented the fuel injection technology for its enduro 2-stroke machines and the real-life models are finally unveiled.

The KTM 250 EXC TPI and 300 EXC TPI are the two motorcycles which have been built consisting this fuel injection system in their 2-stroke motors. As for the type of the bikes, both are competitive off-road machines designed and installed to gulp down all types of terrain including boulders, gravel, mud, sand and the likes.

Digging deep into the technology, the engine section of the bikes consist of Engine management system and ECU which play the role of identifying the ignition timing and fuel injection with the help of sensors. The steel frame straps the oil filler cap and pipe to the fuel tank goes…

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The Best British Motorcycle Jeans

Can’t find a pair of motorcycle jeans that you love as much as your Levi’s? No problem, because Hood Jeans have you covered.

A normal pair of denim jeans doesn’t offer much in the way of protection for motorcyclists. That’s why you will see nearly every motorcycle company making there own range of protective riding jeans.

Jeans can be really convenient for motorcyclists, you can just jump on your bike and blend in at the other end of your journey. The Kevlar range of jeans are designed to offer impact and abrasion resistance for those casual summer rides but be sure to make sure its a full lining.


It can be a tough choice to pick a good pair of tested comfortable motorcycle Jeans. Here you see our choice of the world’s first ‘seamless’ motorcycle Jean. Hood_Jeans_kevlar

It comes lined with a softer, more breathable and cooler K-tech Para‑aramid. This new lining extends from the waistband down to the shins, meaning all Hood Jeans offer complete complete abrasion protection.

I’m sure in your research for a “Quality Motorcycle Jean” you would have heard or seen reviews of the American equivalent “Draggin Jeans” being reviewed or more possibly video clips of people being dragged on their bums across the track to prove the quality.


We stay strong to our British quality and manufacturing. Check out Hood Jeans range  here.

More importantly here is a great article from MoreBikes a great comparison against the  cheaper options available.