Keep your Eyes Forward Bikers!

It’s great to see gadgets designed in the UK. It’s even better when it makes motorcycling safer.

UK-based startup Zona have designed a rear-view camera system designed to let you see what’s behind you via a mini in helmet Screen.

I know I know I can hear you thinking it – “Skully Helmets” the American based start-up tried something similar back in 2016.

The main difference was they opted to incorporate their system into their own helmet. Also the fact the company ceased operating before they could bring the product to market wasn’t great news.

The Zona is different its designed to fit into your existing motorcycle helmet. The flexible arm display can be positioned where it feels most comfortable inside the helmet,  to remain in your peripheral vision. The flexible arm can be used on the either side of the helmet as the unit detects and rotates the screen appropriately.


See the official fitting guide here

The system also stores footage, should you want to view it after your ride if provided memory stick is attached. A small display on the end of a flexible arm fitted inside my helmet shows me what’s behind me.

Remember at school when the teacher said “I have eyes in the back of my head.” Well maybe they jumped in time and picked up a Zona ???

The camera is fitted with a standard camera mount which works with Zona’s mounting plate and any other action camera mounts , so you can place the camera wherever you like. The camera connects to the bike’s battery, while the receiver unit has a battery life of 10 hours and can be fully charge in two hours using a micro USB cable. If you ride multiple bikes Zona can supply additional fitting kits.

Zona have guaranteed the M100 will be delivered to anyone placing pre-orders on 30th June 2017, and are offering the unit at a discounted price of £195, compared to the normal price of £239.

We had a great time with the Zona we tried it both on a flip face HJC helmet and a Shoei full face. Its an additional view that makes you think “how did i cope with out this extra visual information.” we are working on the full review and will bring you more details after some longer use and see how it fits into our daily life.


Dunlop due to recall Q3 Tyres 

Certain Sportmax Q3+ tires could have air pockets in the rubber. 

The tyre defect could affect the handling and steering of the motorcycle. Continued use can result in tread chunking. Dunlop will notify the retailers and customers and will get replacement tyres. The recall is expected to begin during June 2017. Owners may contact Dunlop Motorcycle tyres

The following report is filed with the NHTSA:

Report Receipt Date: May 24, 2017
NHTSA Campaign Number: 17T011000
Component(s): Tires
Potential Number of Units Affected: 7
Manufacturer: Sumitomo Rubber USA, LLC

New Rubber Metzeler Roadtec 01 Sport Touring Road Tyres

The tyre industry has moved on leaps and bounds. We all know rubber technology has been at the forefront of many bikers minds. That’s why tyre manufactures are getting innovative to meet increasing demand to supply the best pair of motorcycle tyres.


With our increased research we found Metzeler is a name to give serious consideration to. Here’s a bit about them: They have manufactured motorcycle tires since 1892 with development of innovative tread designs. The guys at Metzeler have one main focus

“Our mission is to continuously develop products on the cutting edge of technology to meet the needs and expectations of motorcyclists’”.

Nearly all their staff are enthusiastic motorcyclists. This means they know the real needs, expectations and the necessities of riders.

We got our hands on a pair of ROADTEC™ 01 We decided to get our Senior Road Tester to put these wheels through their paces testing them on his Yamaha XJR1300.

Here is  Nick’s account of the tyres so far. Expect to hear more as he gets some more miles under these tyres.

Nick hands | Senior Road Tester

The time has arrived to try out Metzeler’s new 01 sport touring road tyres; on with the new

“Don’t you Just love looking and touching new rubber”

After only a few miles I can sense the tyres already feeling at home on the local roads, now to get a few more heat cycles into them before I can test them properly. The ROADTEC™ 01 feature an increased mileage, obtained thanks to the profile, compounds and structural elements used in the making of the tyres.


Having the tires fitted to replace my Road Piliots there was a serious feel of grip through the corners, there was no wobble or tire squeal. This on a big muscle bike putting down serious torque is a welcome benefit.


They didn’t take long to bed in, the Metzeler’s now feel planted no squirming no movement just go where you want them to go,

“dare I say it they feel better than the road pilots” (which I thought were very good)

Just need to try them in the rain ……………..

Here is a great offer Metzeler are currently offering customers a £30 reward when they purchase and fit a set of either our Roadtec 01’s, Tourance Next, Sportec M7RR or Racetec RR 

Nick Hands
Senior Road Tester

RenaPur Leather Balsam Tested

It was only fair to Test RenaPur Leather Balsam on the original worn out leather jacket we tweeted on our profile. To see the rejuvenating powers. You can see the jacket has been well worn by the years of use. It should be black but has a tinge of blue.


We then simply gave half of it the Renapur treatment, by applying it directly with the sponge. straight away we saw the jacket come to life a nice supple shine the leather felt more smooth.


You can clearly see in the lower image the treated section vs the not treated. It is a good comparison of how well the Renapur treatment works on bringing the leather back to life.


We went a step further to try it on our motorbike boots and check its waterproofing claims.

RenuPurSidi Test

We have to say it was impressive how Renapur handled all our leather gear. Our Sidi boot can be seen to have its life brought back from the slight gloss shine above.

Below we also checked out the waterproofing claims made by Renapur. The water simply beads off our shoe as if its water off a ducks back. We are fully satisfied this product has to be at the top of any bikers shopping list for taking care of our extensive leather gear.

We will be looking to test the entire Renapur range designed for Bikers, have seen they also offer a leather cleaner. Watch this space for the next series on motorcycle care.

Make sure to see our first post here


They are on twitter @UKRenapu and online here


Motorcycle Leather Care – Renapur

Our followers have a lot of shared knowledge when it comes to all things relating to motorcycles. We asked them to recommend the best motorcycle leather care product. Here is that tweet, thanks for all your input specially  @tunneldave @Bikerpaul5paul @Devalegionhog


As you can see “Renapur Leather Balsam” was suggested multiple times.

We had to give it a try and see for ourselves how well it would take care of our precious biker leathers and any leather for that fact.

We got in touch with Renapur they sent the leather balsam out to us within a day. It was well packaged and included two sponge applicators.


We quickly got it to work on one of our Joe Rocket leather jackets. It was a good test jacket because it had a mix of Grey, Black and White leather. Renapur promises their balsam won’t discolour your leather it simply nourishes, conditions, restores, polishes and helps waterproof leather, restoring original softness and extending the life of your leather.

It was surprisingly easy to apply and we didn’t even have to worry about the mix of leather colours in our Joe Rocket Jacket. We felt the difference within minutes the jacket relaxed and felt more supple to the touch.

We have arranged to test the product extensively over the next few months. We will report on another article to bring you our results.

Will it be the Best Leather Care Balsam for motorcyclists? Watch out for Part 2 to find out
Renapur Leather Balsam


Photos: ZulfPhotography