Keep your Eyes Forward Bikers!

It’s great to see gadgets designed in the UK. It’s even better when it makes motorcycling safer.

UK-based startup Zona have designed a rear-view camera system designed to let you see what’s behind you via a mini in helmet Screen.

I know I know I can hear you thinking it – “Skully Helmets” the American based start-up tried something similar back in 2016.

The main difference was they opted to incorporate their system into their own helmet. Also the fact the company ceased operating before they could bring the product to market wasn’t great news.

The Zona is different its designed to fit into your existing motorcycle helmet. The flexible arm display can be positioned where it feels most comfortable inside the helmet,  to remain in your peripheral vision. The flexible arm can be used on the either side of the helmet as the unit detects and rotates the screen appropriately.


See the official fitting guide here

The system also stores footage, should you want to view it after your ride if provided memory stick is attached. A small display on the end of a flexible arm fitted inside my helmet shows me what’s behind me.

Remember at school when the teacher said “I have eyes in the back of my head.” Well maybe they jumped in time and picked up a Zona ???

The camera is fitted with a standard camera mount which works with Zona’s mounting plate and any other action camera mounts , so you can place the camera wherever you like. The camera connects to the bike’s battery, while the receiver unit has a battery life of 10 hours and can be fully charge in two hours using a micro USB cable. If you ride multiple bikes Zona can supply additional fitting kits.

Zona have guaranteed the M100 will be delivered to anyone placing pre-orders on 30th June 2017, and are offering the unit at a discounted price of £195, compared to the normal price of £239.

We had a great time with the Zona we tried it both on a flip face HJC helmet and a Shoei full face. Its an additional view that makes you think “how did i cope with out this extra visual information.” we are working on the full review and will bring you more details after some longer use and see how it fits into our daily life.


Some Fantastic News for Motorbike Owners?

West Midlands Police have shared some fantastic news for motorbike owners living in the West Midlands


They have expanded the free DNA marking initiative to allow ALL sizes of bike to be fitted.

The kits, which normally retail at about £30, consist of a bottle of DNA fluid with which each part of the bike is painted. This fluid dries and is not detectable by the naked eye. It contains micro DNA dots that are unique on each bike that is marked.
To get your motorcycle protectively marked with invisible DNA liquid, simply book an appointment with any of the garages listed below. The kits are intend for machines that do not currently have any security markings or systems.

West Midlands Motorcycles

Silver End Business Park, 343 Brettell Lane, Brierley Hill, DY5 3JL.

01384 78467

Shire Oak Motorcycles

Unit 1, Gatehouse Trading Estate, Lichfield Road, Brownhills, Walsall, WS8 6JZ.

01543 361955

Stourbridge Motorcycle Centre, Block L, Unit 6, Mill Race Lane, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 1JN.

07803 609216

Highway Motorcycles, Wolverhampton

01902 773608

Black Country Motorcycles, Dudley Port

0121 522 2525

Streetbike, Halesowen

0121 506 6800

Sheldon Motorcycles, Birmingham

0121 743 3506

Kestrel Honda, Coventry

024 7670 3900

Birmingham Kawasaki

0121 374 2895

Almost 1,000 kits have already been used on smaller bikes, with these additional 300 being available to all.

All kits were purchased through POCA funding – using money seized from those involved in criminal activity to make the West Midlands a safer place.

Source: West Midlands facebook page


Test Ride a Yamaha – Tour 2017

The Revs Your Heart Tour is ready to roll out awide range of the latest Yamaha models, including Hyper Naked, Supersport, Sport Touring and Sport Heritage models.

Visiting seven UK cities during 2017, the Revs Your Heart Tour will be a unique opportunity for all types of rider to experience the latest Yamaha machines.

2017 Revs Your Heart Your Dates & Venues

  • 13th-14th May MCN Festival, Peterborough
  • 10th-11th June Haynes Motor Museum, Yeovil
  • 17th-18th June Squires Cafe, Leeds
  • 24th-25th June Rykas Cafe, Box Hill
  • 1st-2nd July Green Welly Cafe, Scotland
  • 5th-6th August Llan Bike Fest, Wales
  • 18th-26th November Motorcycle Live, NEC

Models Available for Demo

  • MT-10 – MT-10 SP – MT-10 Tourer Edition – MT-09 – MT-07
  • YZF-R1 – YZF-R6
  • XSR900 – XSR700 – SCR950
  • FJR1300AE – Tracer 900 – Tracer 700
  • XT1200Z Super Tenere
  • Tricity


  • Refreshments available from on-site catering companies.
  • Open 10.00am – 5.00pm on Saturday and Sunday
  • No booking required. Motorcycle parking available on site.
  • Note the Revs Your Heart Tour at MCN Festival – Peterborough, Llan Bike Fest and at 2017 Motorcycle Live is located within the controlled event site and an event entrance ticket is required to reach the Revs Your Heart Tour and tour attractions.


Read more here


Dunlop due to recall Q3 Tyres 

Certain Sportmax Q3+ tires could have air pockets in the rubber. 

The tyre defect could affect the handling and steering of the motorcycle. Continued use can result in tread chunking. Dunlop will notify the retailers and customers and will get replacement tyres. The recall is expected to begin during June 2017. Owners may contact Dunlop Motorcycle tyres

The following report is filed with the NHTSA:

Report Receipt Date: May 24, 2017
NHTSA Campaign Number: 17T011000
Component(s): Tires
Potential Number of Units Affected: 7
Manufacturer: Sumitomo Rubber USA, LLC

What’s the best motorcycle to buy for £3000

A lot of us don’t have big budgets or the disposable income to just drop on a brand new toy on a whim.

That means research, getting creative, and figuring out how to get the best bang for your buck.  There is no better feeling then getting a great deal on a used motorbike. What’s better is getting a great bike within your budget.

We did a lot of the hard work for you. We asked our biker community what’s the best bike for £3,000. We got some great suggestions from our riders based on experience.

Screenshot_20170605-071135let’s drill down into the top 3 bikes suggested for around the £3,000 budget. You’d be amazed at what you can get for the price of a new 125cc bike.

1. Triumph Speed Triple 1997-2004

The Speed Triple is essentially a naked upright ‘streetfighter’ style bike.  It manages to service the 955 triple engine into an stimulating and flexible package. The 955 Triple is a big, tough ‘mans’ machine. Don’t expect to keep up with the latest super sports bikes but you will definitely have a more comfortable ride. When buying a second hand bike look out for usual wear and tear… and look out for factory extras such as flyscreen, belly pan, hugger, noisy cans they all make the bike look and sound that little bit better. Use them as a bargaining tools to drop down the price a little.

SpeedTriple3k Image: Triumph 955i Speed Triple-

2. Honda Blackbird 1997- 2005


The Blackbird is a practical, comfortable handling sports tourer. Don’t get me wrong in its time it has held the record as the fastest production motorcycle.

The Honda is no-nonsense and commanding in one nicely presented Honda package. It is one of the best all-round motorcycles out there if you like them big and powerful.

If you’re covering long distances the in-line four works well producing acceptable low down power, strong midrange and a top end rush that swallows up the miles. The Honda CBR1100XX was the top dog in its day, which means it’s reasonably well spec’d up. Comfort’s pretty good. It’s worth considering a double bubble screen too for increased wind protection.

3. Suzuki SV650 1999 – 2006

SV650 SuzukiBike£3k

Image: Michel Malignon, Suzuki SV650S

The SV is a up-front V-twin a great all-rounder which proves you don’t have to be dull to be practical. The Suzuki is adaptable, affordable, a doddle to ride. It’s a great first bike and yet is a blast to hoon about on. When on the bike it has a super-light feel, accurate steering and confident suspension. If you’re a tall rider you may find an SV650 a little cramped. A economical initial price coupled with low running costs and cheap insurance makes the Suzuki SV650 a strong option.

These option will give a good idea of strong and reliable bikes within a reasonable budget. If you think we missed out a bike make sure to comment below, it will help out the buyers reading this… Who knows we may even feature it on our next list.


Top 6 – UK Biker YouTube Channels


“Riding a bike is my relief, my medicine, in this crazy world…”
First video published: 8 Dec 2011



“The best of the worst! Check out my footage of London’s weird and dangerous roads.”First video published: 10 Oct 2009



“I make videos involving bikes… that’s literally my life.”

First video published: 19 May 2014


Two Wheel Review

A YouTube channel dedicated to showing the beauty of motorcycles new and old, as well as documenting adventures on Two Wheels.”

First video published: 25 Apr 2015 


Pinky Doodly

“A Blonde British who loves her motorbike, baking, pink, flute, making videos, and stuff…”

First video published: 19 Apr 2013




“People say money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a motorbike… and that’s close enough…”

First video published: 16 Aug 2015



There you have it, a list of some UK YouTube Biker channels you should be checking out and subscribing to. I’m sure we have missed out some other great channels why not let us know in the comments..

It goes without saying make sure to also check us out on YouTube


“We love Motorbikes and feature bikes from across the UK Bringing you the Latest Motorcycle News and Reviews.”

First video published: 19 Jul 2008



Vigilante Motorcycle Groups Forming In London To Combat Motorbike Crime Wave

London’s motorcycle theft wave has led to claims that angry bikers are recruiting vigilantes to take on criminal gangs.

A leaflet calling for victims of motorcycle thefts to unite and “sort ‘em” was said to have been recently posted on the noticeboard at London biker haunt, the Ace Cafe, an iconic meeting place for riders.
The notice at the cafe, in north west London, reads: “Had your bike stolen recently? Want to catch these fuckers? Sort ‘em? Come Tmax hunting with Jack Th’ Lad”.The reference to ‘TMAX hunting’ is related to crime gangs’ preference for the high-powered scooter.
Bikers taking the law into their own hands over London’s scooter and motorbike crime wave by forming vigilante groups to catch them, it has been claimed.
A leaflet pinned to a noticeboard in London’s Ace Café called on riders to ‘Come TMAX hunting,’.

Featured Image -- 716
Reports of thefts and robberies by scooter gangs, labelled ‘moped muggers’ by the press, have become an almost daily occurrence in recent times.
The gangs strike more than once an hour in London, with 11,000 incidents including robberies and acid attacks recorded last year, according to recently revealed figures.


The Ace Cafe confirmed the notice had briefly been on display but added it was “not something we support”.

Superintendent Mark Payne of the Met’s Operation Venice, set up to target scooter-enabled crime, told Huffpost UK that the force “does not support activities by individuals or groups who target suspected criminals”.

He said vigilantes “could be putting themselves at risk” and could also “jeopardise or interfere with ongoing investigations”.

He said: “Our advice to anyone who has information about a suspect or witnesses a crime is to contact police as soon as possible so it can be investigated and, where possible, bring people to justice.”