How to Clean Leather Motorbike Jacket

Leathers are important for us riders; we also want them to look good.

Maintenance and leather care is crucial if you want to keep your riding gear doing its job. Leather will be brittle and crack if not looked after properly. Too wet and the leather will be too flexible and will not resist pulling apart on impact.

Below I show how I keep my leather pristine with a cheap DIY cleaning agent.



How to Clean a Motorcycle Helmet

Cleaning your motorcycle helmet is essential for cleanliness, safety, and the long life for your helmet.

It is important to wash the removable liners in motorcycle helmets but not too often, once every season is ideal. It tends to make the helmet fit looser on your head and that can be a safety issue. Also inspect your helmet and consider if the helmet needs replacing. You can see more on my post How oftern to replace helmet

You want to use mild washing methods that are not too harsh on your helmet or skin. This was why I used baby shampoo as it is mild on the skin and less likely to cause issues. See my videos below for how I wash my helmet stage by stage.

Here is my 3 part series on how to clean your motorbike helmet.

MiBandits How to clean Motorcycle / Motorbike Helmet Part 1 External Shell

MiBandits How to clean Motorcycle / Motorbike Helmet Part 2 Internal Pads Wash

MiBandits How to clean Motorcycle / Motorbike Helmet Part 3 Visor and Pinlock


How to Clean a Pinlock Insert

What is a Pinlock
When it’s cold or wet motorcycle helmets suffer from fogging up which is incredibly dangerous. Pinlock visors are widely regarded as the best way to stop your helmet visor fogging up. A Pinlock is a flexible transparent plastic which you insert on the inside of your helmet visor to stop it from fogging up.

How it works
The insert has a bead of silicon sealant around its edge. This presses tightly against the inside of your helmet’s visor to make an airtight seal. It forms a double layer on your helmet a bit like double glazing trapping a thin layer of air inside which stops condensation forming on the visor.

It’s very important to keep the Visor and insert clean to give you the best results. My video below shows the best way to clean and wash your motorcycle Visor and Pinlock

If you prefer to see photos here is a great guide from the official site


Shoei GT Air Exposure Helemt – How to Silicone Oil

A new helmet! A new setup!  A new feel!

The new Shoei GT Air Exposure helmet comes with a free little bottle of silicone oil. The Shoei guide says you should lubricate the rubber gasket around the seal of the visor. This is to stop it drying out and the rubber splitting. Apparently you should lube it regularly; you only need a tiny smear on the perimeter. Here I show you how I applied the oil to my helmet using a cotton bud.



Arai Helmet Service

A big presence at a majority of Motorcycle shows is the Arai service tent. They make a big thing about offering free service and advice about helmets.
They often offer a free service and visiting a service department will mean they will also check the lid for fit and perfect it, again for free.
On our Isle of Man TT Trip in 2016 we got our helmet serviced and here is a quick look at the visor lube and general clean up.


TUTORO: Top Up, Turn On, Ride Off



I have never, in all of my riding career, used a chain oiler, I’ve always relied on cans or tubes of chain lube, which cost anywhere between AU$14 – AU$24 depending on what brand and size I bought.

For the most part both methods worked well and were relatively easy to apply – except for the chain paste which was a good idea,  but tedious to apply. Nowhere near as simple as the spray can.

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