Top 10 Motorbike Road Trips in the USA.

The Wandering Broski

There’s something about motorbikes that give you an extra sense of freedom, flying almost. In busy cities while all the cars are gridlocked, you can nip through traffic leaving everyone else in your wake. Motorbiking its raw; you experience all the elements mother nature has to throw at you and you deal with it, not protected from the rain by a roof or a windshield. Motorbikes can often also get to places where cars cant – opening up a whole new world of possibilities – not to mention you look bloody cool 😉

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How dangerous are Vietnam’s roads?

A midlife chrysalis

In 2008, Top Gear aired an episode featuring Vietnam. Wearing makeshift helmets and loud holiday shirts, the three presenters rode the Hai Van Pass on local motorbikes. Afterwards, Jeremy Clarkson peered at the camera, and in a voice that sounded like he was talking through a very long pipe, declared that the pass was, ‘One of the best coast roads…(pause for effect)…in the world’. In an effort to dissuade like-minded travelers from doing the same, the episode was banned in Vietnam. Most consulates state that the roads are too dangerous to be attempted by people used to travelling Western conditions, and strongly advise against attempts at riding them. Travel information sites such as Tripadvisor, refuse to post any information endorsing motorbike travel for foreigners.


But how risky is it? The statistics, if they can be believed, they are frightening. In 2013, Vietnam had 22,419 road casualties at a rate per…

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Want to Test Ride a New Suzuki?

Suzuki are visiting some of the most popular biker cafés across the UK with a Fresh fleet of demo machines. They give you a chance to test ride a Suzuki that’s right for you. Check below to book for the locations and book your place.

Suzuki Logo

Dates and Locations:

  • The Green Welly Stop, Tyndrum – 3rd to 4th June
  • The Super Sausage Café, Towcester  24th to 25th June
  • Squires Café Bar, Newthorpe  1st to 2nd July
  • Hartside Top Café, Alston  15th to 16th July
  • Loomies, West Meon  29th to 30th July
  • The Café at Llandow Circuit, Llandow  5th to 6th August
  • The Super Sausage Café, Towcester – 30th September to 1st October*

Bikes available to test ride:

  • GSX-R1000/R
  • V-Strom 1000
  • V-Strom 650
  • GSX-S1000
  • GSX-S1000F
  • GSX-S750
  • SV650

Click here to Book your test ride


Air Pollution Revisited

At ground level, a gas known as ozone is directly related to asthma and other respiratory diseases, making it even more difficult to breathe for those suffering from these diseases. Ozone will be higher in areas that are heavily populated and have more cars such as cities. Other particles found in things such as smoke can also pass into our bodies also making it difficult to breathe.


Air pollution can either be created by us or it can occur naturally however, it can be hazardous for us to breathe.
Another gas known as carbon monoxide (CO) can be deadly if inhaled in large amounts such as running a car in an enclosed area i.e., the garage or having a blockage in the tail pipe which can lead to suffocation or unconsciousness. This is not to be confused with carbon dioxide (CO2) which is what we expel from our bodies when exhaling. Carbon dioxide affects our respiratory system whereas carbon monoxide will not only affect our respiratory system but the central nervous system, lungs, and blood as well. When breathing in carbon monoxide, it affects oxygen in the blood which has a domino effect on the rest of our organs. A motorcyclist will breathe in carbon monoxide from exhaust fumes from the cars around them. Motorcyclists will also inhale other types of debris left behind from the cars passing by such as oil, coolant, and windshield washer fluid. Not something we riders want to be exposed to and willingly allow into our bodies.
When sitting in traffic, fumes can become overwhelming and being exposed to air pollution in areas that are very high can irritate open passageways of the body such as our eyes, throat, and nose.

Breathing in pollution can weaken the immune system and over prolonged periods of time, some chronic diseases may develop. It is best to have some type of ventilation to protect yourself as riders so we are not being exposed to direct pollutants and can safely enjoy many rides in the future.

There are ways to protect yourself. Have you seen our article on Respro masks

Article By Cassandra Carillo
Instagram @LittleCarillo

Police get tough on London’s bike thieves.

Police chased after a motorcyclist for over an hour in a dramatic south London chase on Monday evening.


Police detained a male rider in Sherwood Avenue, Streatham Photo:@annaenderlein

Police helicopters were scrambled to Streatham Vale Police followed after the getaway rider after spotting him in Penge.


People living nearby heard the helicopters and watched as police used a stinger to stop the motorbike and detain the rider on the driveway of a house.

This is a welcome report as the rumor has been that police won’t chase motorcyclists because they may cause injury. However with this recent arrest this has put this rumor to bed.

A Police spokeswoman said officers first spotted the motorcycle being ridden dangerously in High Street, Penge, at around 5.40pm. Officers gave chase and used a stinger tyre deflation device to stop the bike in Sherwood Avenue over an hour later. The male rider was arrested on suspicion of robbery and dangerous driving.

The police have been getting some great feedback from biker.


Vietnam motorbike diaries – Day 8 (Nha Trang to Da Lat)

The Hiker in Wet Shoes

I was in Hoi An and took a sleeper bus with my bike on the bus, till Nha Trang. That’s about 500 kms and saves about 3 days of riding on the bike. There’s nothing much to see in between so the 45$ ride seemed worth it.

After reaching Nha Trang in the morning at 5, I rode straight to Dalat which is 140kms away. The ride was excellent and again had a lot of scenic views. I didn’t know about this.

Riding with the sunrise felt great! And the pic where you see clouds on the ground seemed pretty mystical.

In other shitty news, after reaching my hostel (Nice Bee), I realized that I dropped my iPod in the bus. Oh the horror of it. Frankly, I didn’t use it much and it was a gift but it was still handy.

Later in the evening after having lunch and…

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