It’s not just a Bike, it is Life.


Some wouldn’t understand those motorcycle enthusiast like me, for others it is just a vehicle that is intended for transportation. But for us it is not just a thing, it is a perfect representation of “life”.

Others see motorcycle as an instrument of death because in somewhat way it can kill you in just a matter of seconds. Well for a motorcycle enthusiast like me life without a motorcycle is like living a life without purpose and happiness. As I said it is a perfect representation of life. The moment you fired up your engine is the moment you started your life story, you are the pilot of your self in your own journey that we call life. You will face a lot of problems and challenges in life. But always remember, life is not always a straight and smooth journey. As my fellow riders say, ” when the moment…

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Fuel-Injection Two-stroke Bikes Unveiled By KTM, Becomes First To Do So!

Rev and Ride

Gone are those days when it was needed to add oil with petrol into the fuel tank of 2-stroke off-road bikes. All thanks to KTM who have invented the fuel injection technology for its enduro 2-stroke machines and the real-life models are finally unveiled.

The KTM 250 EXC TPI and 300 EXC TPI are the two motorcycles which have been built consisting this fuel injection system in their 2-stroke motors. As for the type of the bikes, both are competitive off-road machines designed and installed to gulp down all types of terrain including boulders, gravel, mud, sand and the likes.

Digging deep into the technology, the engine section of the bikes consist of Engine management system and ECU which play the role of identifying the ignition timing and fuel injection with the help of sensors. The steel frame straps the oil filler cap and pipe to the fuel tank goes…

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Jerez ~ home to Sherry & Bike Racing!

Chipped 'n' Dented

Jerez, Spain ~ MotoGP & the home of Sherry

As I lean back and contemplate these words as I write, I realise that it has been nine days since Jerez in Spain hosted round four of the2017 MotoGP circus. And what a fine spectacle it was indeed. I also realised that in Spanish the J is pronounced gH so Jerez becomes gHerez and from there it’s not a quantum leap to Sherry. Now, Jerez as the home of that tipple beloved by so many, Sherry, has a unique position in the history of wine and wine-making combined with Motor Racing.

To quote Wikipedia; “Circuito de Jerez, formerly known as Circuito Permanente de Jerez, is a 4.428 km racing circuit located close to the city of Jerez de la Frontera, 90 km south of Seville and deep within the sherry-producing south of Spain.”

What Wikipedia also tells us is; that “the…

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John Triggiani

I was fed up with the weather. Marv and I hadn’t been on a long motorcycle ride since late September, and I was tired of waiting. We’d had a miserable, cold, wet winter and, though the weather had warmed a little, the rain hasn’t lessened one bit. There had been almost no opportunities to get out for a day or two of motorcycle riding. Marv was recovering from surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff, and that had complicated things. He was feeling confident enough to ride now, so we were ready to go.

We had hoped to get away to Manzanita on the Oregon Coast, but the motels there were filling, and the prices were rising. I got online and secured an inexpensive room in Rockaway Beach, so we made plans to ride south Saturday, and return Sunday.

We left on Saturday morning with the plan to ride south…

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Motorcycle Touring… And Planning… And Such…



Wouldn’t it be great if there were free motorcycle specific touring guides complete with maps and places of interest dedicated to each region in Australia?

There are of course several websites around that identify great riding roads, but these don’t seem to mention other attractions that may be of interest to motorcyclists visiting the area.

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