Luna Cargo Chernoff

meaning. there is so much meaning in it that i cannot begin to write what it means to me. i try, and fail, countless times. it is a motorbike- plastic on the outside; aluminum, steel, titanium and composites thereof on the inside. she is it. “She”, because she is a she; She is my she. she is a motorbike, any attempt to write about her is mostly in vain.
after being away from her, we are together again. She & I. Today was spent close to home: replacing the burnt-low beam, ordering brake pads, and riding to the ocean, air snowing with poplar cotton. air warm with ocean breeze.
i attempt to write to you about the meaning, but I’m lost, and cannot convey much. Ted Simon on his 1973 Triumph Tiger :

The movement has a complex rhythm with many pulses beating simultaneously. Underlying it is the engine…

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