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Good news for all Kawasaki enthusiasts! The Kawasaki Test Ride Roadshow to test ride your future Kawasaki motorcycle will be held at the parking lot of Plaza Angsana, Johor Bharu from September 22nd, 2017 until September 24th, 2017 time is from 10am to 6pm. It will definitely be a fun filled day as Kawasaki Motors Malaysia (KMSB) has many exciting activities lined up for everyone to participate in.

Do not miss your chance to test ride a wide range of Kawasaki superbike models including the Versys 650 ABS, Versys-X 250, Z 900 SE ABS, Z 650 ABS and Ninja 650 ABS during our latest Kawasaki Test Ride Roadshow. Experience the thrilling performance, comfort and versatility of these bikes first hand and discover which bike fits your style best and capture your heart with its performance.


Safety is our priority at our test ride as all riders…

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Motorbike Madonna

writing in north norfolk

She was a leather-clad,
two-wheeled speed-freak,
with a mouth full of swear words and dust,
and a body full of tattoos, bruises and scars.
She wasn’t one for trucks and cars,
or men with smoothed-back hair;
she preferred the scent of two-stroke
and dirt-ingrained fingernails on a bloke,
and the glittering chrome of a motorbike,
the bigger the engine, the better she’d like
to straddle its throb, grip it tightly with her knees,
stroke and twist the throttle, and inhale the speed.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

 Motorbike Madonna

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My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday’s Mix

 Teresa welcomes us back to Saturday’s Mix, where we are exploring characterisation. She would like us to focus specifically on how we get to know a character: through the narrator directly stating information about the character, through their own words and actions, and through the way other characters react to and…

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Behind the Scene of Makan Mana

Malaysian Riders

We enjoy filming so much and sometimes we got the chance to capture some cool moments during the process. Here are some of it during our filming of Makan Mana, a new slot to our motorcycling show. We love it, although it’s not perfect; we’ll look for ways to improve it more.

From all of these, we would like to open ourselves to anyone out there to join us in our filming process anytime anywhere. Let’s do it together and see your effort transform into a motorcycle film on Malaysian Riders. We appreciate all the support given to our tiny organization all these years. Join us on Facebook and Instagram. (and twitter)

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Budget MultiTool for Bikers – Rolson

You ride a motorcycle; you’re going to need some tools!

Ideally compact so you can fit it under your seat. A multi-tool can add huge versatility to your tool kit, packing many capabilities into a single, handy package.

Here is one we got sent to review.

Is it the best budget multi-tools on the market for motorcyclists?


It comes packed as a cycle tool kit so we didn’t expect it to perform well.

We were reassured it is truly versatile and can cope with the demands of motorcycles.

Lets find out!

We gave the 10mm a test the handle gave way as we tired to loosen a bolt. It was a shame but it was a budget option and we returned this back to the manufacture it defiantly didn’t cope well. We are not even sure it would have much purpose for a push-bike.

One thing for sure we wouldn’t rely on this in a time of need.

Don’t worry we have some other brands in the pipeline and we endeavor to find that quality multi-tool that we can prove will stand the test the basic tasks.


Best Belts For Motorcycle Jeans

So based on our article Best motorcycle jean you know have a great quality British Motorcycle jean. Its time you got a robust belt to complement your new pair of jeans. There are countless stores out there you can pick from.


In true Motorcycle spirit we went shopping in a outdoor market in Stratford-upon-avon. there are countless specialist tradesmen selling the best option from each section of the market. we found a leather specialist selling a range of real leather products. make sure to check our post on the different types of leathers.


To go with our Hood jeans we got a deep leather leather belt in black. We would recommend supporting your local tradesmen not everything online is great. We got our Leather Belt for £15 so it was a great price too.

Markets here