A recent influx of violent motorcycle robberies has got many bikers worked up. Bikers are now on the look out for motorbikes that are least likely to be targeted. 

Over 1.5 million bikes are stolen every year with very low recovery rate. Research suggests that at least one 1 in 3 bikers has experinced a motorcycle theft. 

Is thete a bike that is least likey to get nicked in London? 

Motorcycles less likely to be stolen have increased in appeal making them very sought after options. 

Our recent poll suggest the least likely bike to be stolen in London are…

From our recent comprehensive survey, results indicate 76% of bikers think a scum bag motorcycle thief won’t bat an eye lid towards this SOHC V-twin urban road racer.

Mibandit Wont Steal HondaDeauville

It’s time your trade in that Super Sport and get a Honda Deauville.



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