London’s motorcycle theft wave has led to claims that angry bikers are recruiting vigilantes to take on criminal gangs.

A leaflet calling for victims of motorcycle thefts to unite and “sort ‘em” was said to have been recently posted on the noticeboard at London biker haunt, the Ace Cafe, an iconic meeting place for riders.
The notice at the cafe, in north west London, reads: “Had your bike stolen recently? Want to catch these fuckers? Sort ‘em? Come Tmax hunting with Jack Th’ Lad”.The reference to ‘TMAX hunting’ is related to crime gangs’ preference for the high-powered scooter.
Bikers taking the law into their own hands over London’s scooter and motorbike crime wave by forming vigilante groups to catch them, it has been claimed.
A leaflet pinned to a noticeboard in London’s Ace Café called on riders to ‘Come TMAX hunting,’.

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Reports of thefts and robberies by scooter gangs, labelled ‘moped muggers’ by the press, have become an almost daily occurrence in recent times.
The gangs strike more than once an hour in London, with 11,000 incidents including robberies and acid attacks recorded last year, according to recently revealed figures.


The Ace Cafe confirmed the notice had briefly been on display but added it was “not something we support”.

Superintendent Mark Payne of the Met’s Operation Venice, set up to target scooter-enabled crime, told Huffpost UK that the force “does not support activities by individuals or groups who target suspected criminals”.

He said vigilantes “could be putting themselves at risk” and could also “jeopardise or interfere with ongoing investigations”.

He said: “Our advice to anyone who has information about a suspect or witnesses a crime is to contact police as soon as possible so it can be investigated and, where possible, bring people to justice.”



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