Police chased after a motorcyclist for over an hour in a dramatic south London chase on Monday evening.


Police detained a male rider in Sherwood Avenue, Streatham Photo:@annaenderlein

Police helicopters were scrambled to Streatham Vale Police followed after the getaway rider after spotting him in Penge.


People living nearby heard the helicopters and watched as police used a stinger to stop the motorbike and detain the rider on the driveway of a house.

This is a welcome report as the rumor has been that police won’t chase motorcyclists because they may cause injury. However with this recent arrest this has put this rumor to bed.

A Police spokeswoman said officers first spotted the motorcycle being ridden dangerously in High Street, Penge, at around 5.40pm. Officers gave chase and used a stinger tyre deflation device to stop the bike in Sherwood Avenue over an hour later. The male rider was arrested on suspicion of robbery and dangerous driving.

The police have been getting some great feedback from biker.



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