It was only fair to Test RenaPur Leather Balsam on the original worn out leather jacket we tweeted on our profile. To see the rejuvenating powers. You can see the jacket has been well worn by the years of use. It should be black but has a tinge of blue.


We then simply gave half of it the Renapur treatment, by applying it directly with the sponge. straight away we saw the jacket come to life a nice supple shine the leather felt more smooth.


You can clearly see in the lower image the treated section vs the not treated. It is a good comparison of how well the Renapur treatment works on bringing the leather back to life.


We went a step further to try it on our motorbike boots and check its waterproofing claims.

RenuPurSidi Test

We have to say it was impressive how Renapur handled all our leather gear. Our Sidi boot can be seen to have its life brought back from the slight gloss shine above.

Below we also checked out the waterproofing claims made by Renapur. The water simply beads off our shoe as if its water off a ducks back. We are fully satisfied this product has to be at the top of any bikers shopping list for taking care of our extensive leather gear.

We will be looking to test the entire Renapur range designed for Bikers, have seen they also offer a leather cleaner. Watch this space for the next series on motorcycle care.

Make sure to see our first post here


They are on twitter @UKRenapu and online here



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