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And so begins another year. And since I been noticing fellow bloggers posting 2017 bucket lists, I thought I would jump on the blog wagon.

As a biker, motorcyle rider, all my wife and I do is plan road trips. Since my work allows me 1 to 2 weeks of vacation a year, we try to stretch them as much as possible.

Last year we noticed the hashtag #wanderlust……. we fell in love with the word and world.  This year will be dedicated to wanderlust and this 2017 bucket list will be blissful.

The 2017 Motorcycle Bucket List

  • Ride up North.
  • See a magical route in California
  • See an iconic lake.
  • Visit Yellowstone NP.
  • Ride in a Motorcycle Rally.
  • Take a picture of the bike with a epic background.
  • Create a motorcycle photo scavenger hunt
  • Do something someone suggest I do. Any suggestions?

-Captain M

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