One Mile at a Time

vishnuAccording to me behind all the vertigo and nausea, there is a train of thoughts that feel like nothing beats the beauty of a road trip on the hills. A bike ride is even better (sometimes). This is about my first solo motorbike travel experience from my hometown Kannur to Bangalore.
I was having a peaceful Saturday until I realised I had to be back in college by Monday.

All the buses were occupied.

And the first thought that came into my mind was about riding back to Bangalore. Googled the roads I could take with minimum traffic.

The route is chose was: Kannur- Iritty- Koottupuzha Bridge- Makkoottam Churam (Ghat Road) – Virajpeta Road- Mysore- Bangalore (310 Kms).

It is the shortest route to Bangalore from Kannur. This will nearly take seven and a half to eight hours to cover this distance by bus but by a motorbike it took…

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