Our followers have a lot of shared knowledge when it comes to all things relating to motorcycles. We asked them to recommend the best motorcycle leather care product. Here is that tweet, thanks for all your input specially  @tunneldave @Bikerpaul5paul @Devalegionhog


As you can see “Renapur Leather Balsam” was suggested multiple times.

We had to give it a try and see for ourselves how well it would take care of our precious biker leathers and any leather for that fact.

We got in touch with Renapur they sent the leather balsam out to us within a day. It was well packaged and included two sponge applicators.


We quickly got it to work on one of our Joe Rocket leather jackets. It was a good test jacket because it had a mix of Grey, Black and White leather. Renapur promises their balsam won’t discolour your leather it simply nourishes, conditions, restores, polishes and helps waterproof leather, restoring original softness and extending the life of your leather.

It was surprisingly easy to apply and we didn’t even have to worry about the mix of leather colours in our Joe Rocket Jacket. We felt the difference within minutes the jacket relaxed and felt more supple to the touch.

We have arranged to test the product extensively over the next few months. We will report on another article to bring you our results.

Will it be the Best Leather Care Balsam for motorcyclists? Watch out for Part 2 to find out
Renapur Leather Balsam



Photos: ZulfPhotography



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