There are a few different types of deadlifts a rider can do to strengthen their legs and lower back and by strengthening these, as well as knowing where to control the bike will help the rider to not burn out about an hour into a ride.
Stiff leg deadlifts focus more on hamstring/glutes, conventional deadlifts work all leg muscles as well as lower back, and sumo deadlifts will focus more on overall leg strength.
• Keep your back neutral and spine straight
• Sumo’s require a wide stance. Conventional and stiff legs will be about shoulder width apart.
• Toes pointed out (for sumos), pointed forward (neutral position) for stiff leg and conventional
• Start with the bar against your legs
• Grip the bar about shoulder width apart (sumos might have a slightly smaller grip)
• Tighten your core and don’t lift with your back
• Tighten your shoulders and engage your lats
• Drive through your heels, fully engage glutes and hamstrings and drive with your hips to pull the weight completely up.
• Keep your knees in line with your legs as you drive up.
• Breathe!!!! Make sure you inhale and then exhale as you pull the weight up. By doing this, you will support core muscles. Take a new breath for each lift to replenish oxygen to muscles.

Article By Cassandra Carillo
Instagram @LittleCarillo


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