Motorcycles and the Cynic

I’ve often wondered how much horsepower you really need on a motorcycle, in fact I wrote a while ago on this topic and decided that you really don’t need much more than 100hp. Now I own a motorcycle with more than 100 for a few months I’ve decided that I was right.

The Hyperstrada has a claimed 113 horsepower, and weighs less than 500lbs.  It’s properly fast, in fact it’s almost indecently fast.  Now more than ever I agree with what I wrote and 100 horsepower is definitely enough.

I can’t really say if it’s the perfect amount, but I suspect that for riding on the street I don’t need more. Although it’s not really the horsepower but the 72 ft/lbs torque that makes the Hyperstrada so much fun. That much power makes it delightful and easy to accelerate and even more fun when compared to my friends R6

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