Our body is capable of many incredible things and when we train it properly, it is capable of so much more. Training typically consists of both anaerobic and aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise or cardiovascular training does more than just improve your overall health and keep you in shape, it also lowers resting heart rate and an individual will obtain an overall lower heart rate at any given level of work in time.


Cardiovascular training also improves mental awareness and one’s ability to relax. For a motorcyclist, this can mean not becoming fatigued as easily because the body isn’t using as much energy to perform and their recovery time will be a lot faster.


The core of the body is where all movements generate. When you’re riding for hours at a time, you probably have a sore back and might even be a little stiff. Motorcyclists put their bodies in unnatural positions to not only sit on a motorcycle but to drag knee around those tight corners. When you have a strong core, your risk of injury is less likely, it will help with lower back pain, and you won’t rely on your hands as much to support your weight and have better control of the gears and handlebars.

And finally, don’t skip leg day guys! Our lower body consists of one of the largest muscle groups. A motorcyclist controls the bike with their legs and their positioning. You also realise that picking up that 350lb bike becomes a lot easier when you have the strength to back it up.


Try new training in the gym that focuses on building strength and muscle mass. You won’t be disappointed when the riding season starts and you might even be a little faster than the seasons before.

Article By Cassandra Carillo
Instagram @LittleCarillo


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