Motorcycles and the Cynic

I got some new motorcycling boots for Christmas. My amazing Wife got me the Forma Adventure Boots.

I’m pretty excited about them.

I was so excited about the new boots Christmas morning I ran down and tried them out on the Hyperstrada while still in my Christmas PJs. This is the first pair of mor enduro type boots I’ve ever worn/used. I’m of mixed feelings about if they are better or worse than the sporty boots I’ve worn previously.

In one really important way they are immediately better than my old boots, as tested this week, they are waterproof. Dry feet when you get to work is really nice.

Besides that (which would come with any new pair of boots) I like the way they support my ankles a lot more than my sportier boots, the stiffness these have means that putting a leg down at a stop sign feels…

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