What is a Pinlock
When it’s cold or wet motorcycle helmets suffer from fogging up which is incredibly dangerous. Pinlock visors are widely regarded as the best way to stop your helmet visor fogging up. A Pinlock is a flexible transparent plastic which you insert on the inside of your helmet visor to stop it from fogging up.

How it works
The insert has a bead of silicon sealant around its edge. This presses tightly against the inside of your helmet’s visor to make an airtight seal. It forms a double layer on your helmet a bit like double glazing trapping a thin layer of air inside which stops condensation forming on the visor.

It’s very important to keep the Visor and insert clean to give you the best results. My video below shows the best way to clean and wash your motorcycle Visor and Pinlock

If you prefer to see photos here is a great guide from the official site http://pinlock.com



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