Fitness For Motorcyclists

Our body is capable of many incredible things and when we train it properly, it is capable of so much more. Training typically consists of both anaerobic and aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise or cardiovascular training does more than just improve your overall health and keep you in shape, it also lowers resting heart rate and an individual will obtain an overall lower heart rate at any given level of work in time.


Cardiovascular training also improves mental awareness and one’s ability to relax. For a motorcyclist, this can mean not becoming fatigued as easily because the body isn’t using as much energy to perform and their recovery time will be a lot faster.


The core of the body is where all movements generate. When you’re riding for hours at a time, you probably have a sore back and might even be a little stiff. Motorcyclists put their bodies in unnatural positions to not only sit on a motorcycle but to drag knee around those tight corners. When you have a strong core, your risk of injury is less likely, it will help with lower back pain, and you won’t rely on your hands as much to support your weight and have better control of the gears and handlebars.

And finally, don’t skip leg day guys! Our lower body consists of one of the largest muscle groups. A motorcyclist controls the bike with their legs and their positioning. You also realise that picking up that 350lb bike becomes a lot easier when you have the strength to back it up.


Try new training in the gym that focuses on building strength and muscle mass. You won’t be disappointed when the riding season starts and you might even be a little faster than the seasons before.

Article By Cassandra Carillo
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Air Pollution – Silent Threat to Motorcyclists?

Recent warning issued for London suggest a”very high”  warning for air pollution.

Are we due to see people in the UK wearing anti-pollution face masks? If that is going to be the case make sure you make it look good.

We hear a lot about all the “risks” we face as motorcyclists but have you ever considered we are more prone to getting Asthma. Asthma is a long term inflammatory disease of the airways of the lungs. Symptoms include episodes of wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath.


We find ourselves between idling buses and cars where exhaust fumes are very concentrated. We are often stationery or slow moving so every breath keeps the fumes in our helmets for longer than say a pedestrian or cyclist.

Have you thought about this, what you do think about wearing a pollution mask? Let us know on twitter or comment below.


Poetry You Can Ride

Roth Poetry

While traveling in the mountains earlier this fall we saw this beautiful Indian Motorcycle in the parking lot at Lynville Falls. The sleek lines and beautiful chrome and paint were accented with fine leather. It looked like it would be poetry in motion cruising down the highway. The couple who were riding it said they were enjoying a beautiful fall ride in the Blue Ridge Mountains. My poem for today is an Indian Motorcycle worth a thousand words.






Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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How to Clean a Motorcycle Helmet

Cleaning your motorcycle helmet is essential for cleanliness, safety, and the long life for your helmet.

It is important to wash the removable liners in motorcycle helmets but not too often, once every season is ideal. It tends to make the helmet fit looser on your head and that can be a safety issue. Also inspect your helmet and consider if the helmet needs replacing. You can see more on my post How oftern to replace helmet

You want to use mild washing methods that are not too harsh on your helmet or skin. This was why I used baby shampoo as it is mild on the skin and less likely to cause issues. See my videos below for how I wash my helmet stage by stage.

Here is my 3 part series on how to clean your motorbike helmet.

MiBandits How to clean Motorcycle / Motorbike Helmet Part 1 External Shell

MiBandits How to clean Motorcycle / Motorbike Helmet Part 2 Internal Pads Wash

MiBandits How to clean Motorcycle / Motorbike Helmet Part 3 Visor and Pinlock


New Boots: Breaking them in

Motorcycles and the Cynic

I got some new motorcycling boots for Christmas. My amazing Wife got me the Forma Adventure Boots.

I’m pretty excited about them.

I was so excited about the new boots Christmas morning I ran down and tried them out on the Hyperstrada while still in my Christmas PJs. This is the first pair of mor enduro type boots I’ve ever worn/used. I’m of mixed feelings about if they are better or worse than the sporty boots I’ve worn previously.

In one really important way they are immediately better than my old boots, as tested this week, they are waterproof. Dry feet when you get to work is really nice.

Besides that (which would come with any new pair of boots) I like the way they support my ankles a lot more than my sportier boots, the stiffness these have means that putting a leg down at a stop sign feels…

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How to Clean a Pinlock Insert

What is a Pinlock
When it’s cold or wet motorcycle helmets suffer from fogging up which is incredibly dangerous. Pinlock visors are widely regarded as the best way to stop your helmet visor fogging up. A Pinlock is a flexible transparent plastic which you insert on the inside of your helmet visor to stop it from fogging up.

How it works
The insert has a bead of silicon sealant around its edge. This presses tightly against the inside of your helmet’s visor to make an airtight seal. It forms a double layer on your helmet a bit like double glazing trapping a thin layer of air inside which stops condensation forming on the visor.

It’s very important to keep the Visor and insert clean to give you the best results. My video below shows the best way to clean and wash your motorcycle Visor and Pinlock

If you prefer to see photos here is a great guide from the official site