The Shortest Day: Winter is Here

Motorcycles and the Cynic

Winter might have finally officially begun, but anyone who goes outside knows that we’ve been having winter weather for a while now. In fact in the last week we’ve gone from torrential rain to freezing temperatures. As a Bay Area Native I feel silly complaining about the weather, but as a motorcyclist I’m out in it a bit. Let me tell you 32 degrees at 70 mph is no joke. That’s damn cold.

Winter Solstice is a day I always look forward to. It is a turning point. Now the days will begin to get longer and good riding weather isn’t too far behind. The hope of warmer weather reminds me  that these days of cold fingers and toes are numbered. Although I’m sure there are many more bitterly cold mornings to come in the months ahead.

Winter is definitely the time of year when everyone (including me) starts to…

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Biker Buddy Keyring-Real Torque

We came across these guys on Instagram Real Torque

They offer a bespoke service creating the ideal accessory to compliment your motorcycle.

The best part is pick your own colour and create a mini-me biker. We support UK handmade crafts and specially biker related accessories.

Here are some of the ones we really liked. make sure to order one,they are cheap as chips. Real Torque Ebay Shop


Shoei GT Air Exposure Helemt – How to Silicone Oil

A new helmet! A new setup!  A new feel!

The new Shoei GT Air Exposure helmet comes with a free little bottle of silicone oil. The Shoei guide says you should lubricate the rubber gasket around the seal of the visor. This is to stop it drying out and the rubber splitting. Apparently you should lube it regularly; you only need a tiny smear on the perimeter. Here I show you how I applied the oil to my helmet using a cotton bud.



Remote Control Motorcycle -Reviewed

You may have seen our Top 5 Motorbike Gift Ideas post.
We gave you some great ideas to get the biker in your life a gift. We actually got a hold of the RC motorbike which was at Number 2 and gave it a test.

It is difficult to control but very fun and fast. The battery life of the bike was a little disappointing, I got around 2-3 minutes ride time. You charge the bike via USB.
The bike has a giro inside which is spinning so it sounds like a engine, this uses a lot of power so not much ride time. The remote takes 4 AA batteries, overall i would give it a 4/5 as it was fun but i would have liked more ride time.

Here are a few images of the toy RC bike.


Our fans loved this RC Motorbike.


Arai Helmet Service

A big presence at a majority of Motorcycle shows is the Arai service tent. They make a big thing about offering free service and advice about helmets.
They often offer a free service and visiting a service department will mean they will also check the lid for fit and perfect it, again for free.
On our Isle of Man TT Trip in 2016 we got our helmet serviced and here is a quick look at the visor lube and general clean up.


Top 5 Motorbike Gift Ideas

Christmas is around the corner if you haven’t already bought the biker in your life a great gift. Here are our Top 5 Motorbike Gift ideas.

5. Track & Paddock Umbrellas.

Let’s face it its always raining in the UK here’s something Superior to keep your Biker Dry.

4.Oxford Tool Kit

Every Biker loves to tinker with their bikes. Here is a basic tool kit to get them started. 28 piece set Sized to be stored under the rear seat

3. HelmetLok

A great idea Small and compact enough to fit in your pocket, jacket or on a belt loop, keeps you helmet secure when you’re out and about.

2. Remote Control Motorcycle


We have all heard of RC cars but RC motorbikes are cool as hell and not that common. This is a great stocking filler and hours of fun. The Outburst motorcycle is a fully functional remote control bike, giving you forward and turning capabilities. With a running time of up to 10 minutes, the bike comes with an internal rechargeable battery.

1. Held-Slade-Onesie


One of the best gift idea’s we’ve ever seen for any motorcycle enthusiast! The Held Slade onesie takes its main design influences from the leather Slade one piece race suit with replica details. Made from 100% cotton this onesie is fantastic quality and for added comfort has an integrated hood and two zipped front pockets.

We are sure you will have some better suggestion, make sure to let us know… Tweet Us and lets spread the word we don’t just want to get socks this year.


Go Pros & Smart Helmets: Good, Or Bad? A Russ Brown Feature


May 19th, 2016      RUSS BROWN FEATURE      Written by BAM Contributor

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Almost everyone at this point has seen a viral video taken by a motorcyclist’s GoPro catching the close calls and challenges encountered by riders on a daily basis. We live in a world now where everyone is shooting videos of everything.  Footage of just about every subject matter is all over TV and the internet. It is often used in criminal cases to convict or exonerate the accused.  In the motorcycle community, GoPros have become especially popular. Motorcyclists don’t always get a fair shake when they are cited or when they are involved in an accident, and riders are using GoPros to document their rides. Footage like this finally gives the world a firsthand account of the prejudice and difficulties motorcycle enthusiasts face when they go for a ride. Generally…

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