The Musings Of An Opinionated Sod [Help Me Grow!]

The epitome of masculinity.

OK, if you’re driving a 50cc moped, they might not be, but if it’s something over 500cc, then it is more manly than if Trump and Putin had a baby.

When you think of motorbikes, you think power … freedom … wilderness.

You also think America.

Which may go someway to explaining this ad for British motorbike manufacturer, Triumph.

On face value, it captures all those traits I mentioned.

The mountain terrain.

Standing on the edge of danger.

The earthy tones of light all around.

But then you look at the biker looking into the distance … instead of seeing a rebel in leather, you see what can only be described as an accountant wearing a onesie. And not just any onesie … but one that is soooooo big for him, that he looks like he’s wearing shoulder pads straight out of 1980’s TV ‘classic’, Dynasty…

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