How often to replace your motorbike helmet?

The rule is to replace your motorcycle helmet every five years, sooner if you drop it or are involved in a crash. It is also important to remember its 5 years from the manufacture date not your purchase date.

You need to treat a helmet with care and store it in a cool, dry place. Be careful if you hang it on a hook as this can deform the interior foam.

I have been replacing my helmet every 3 years and have built up a collection. Keep checking back for some creative uses for old motorcycle helmets.

Helmet technology is progressing all the time and a new helmet is going to offer more protection than something old.



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Boon Siew Honda Unveils Its First Fun Bike – Honda MSX 125

Most of us started on a 125cc, here’s some news of a Honda MSX 125 from our buddies at

Malaysian Riders


Penang, 8 December 2016 – Boon Siew Honda today introduces its first low cc fun model, the Honda MSX 125, the newest addition to the lineup models. The MSX125 has been a hit across the world and expecting by Honda to create another trend in Malaysia, with its performance, build quality and usability, and also the style and exudes an attitude all its own. This easy to use, fun and functional motorcycle is designed to fit seamlessly into people’s daily lives. Its slim dimensions and sleek fairing make for easy filtering through urban traffic and slotting into bike parking bays.

The MSX 125 is powered by a potent 125cc air- cooled single cylinder 4-stroke engine that delivers maximum power of 7.2kW at 7,000rpm and maximum torque of 11Nm at 5,250rpm. MSX 125 providing 5.7 litres fuel tank and by using a highly efficient Programmed – Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) user will…

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Born To Be Mild …

The Musings Of An Opinionated Sod [Help Me Grow!]

The epitome of masculinity.

OK, if you’re driving a 50cc moped, they might not be, but if it’s something over 500cc, then it is more manly than if Trump and Putin had a baby.

When you think of motorbikes, you think power … freedom … wilderness.

You also think America.

Which may go someway to explaining this ad for British motorbike manufacturer, Triumph.

On face value, it captures all those traits I mentioned.

The mountain terrain.

Standing on the edge of danger.

The earthy tones of light all around.

But then you look at the biker looking into the distance … instead of seeing a rebel in leather, you see what can only be described as an accountant wearing a onesie. And not just any onesie … but one that is soooooo big for him, that he looks like he’s wearing shoulder pads straight out of 1980’s TV ‘classic’, Dynasty…

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